How to apply?
To apply for a particular position please send your CV and cover letter to: info@mkm-support.com.pl Please also include the job offer reference number.

What does the recruitment process look like?
After we receive CVs, the candidates that we select are invited for a job interview. If a candidate meets our clients’ requirements, and once the candidate agrees to put themself forward, we present the candidate to the client. The candidate then continues through the recruitment process, is verified by interview and tests of predispositions and specific skills by our clients or by an assessment centre at the clients’ premises. Based on the results of these tests, the client decides whether a particular candidate satisfies all requirements and whether they want to continue co-operation.

If I get through the job interview, do I have to apply again if I find a new job offer on your website?
No. We have a database of all candidates who have taken part in our job interviews. If we have a new job offer and the candidate meets the requirements, we will contact the candidate and offer participation in another job interview.

Do I have to pay for participation in the job interview?
No. The recruitment process is free of charge for all candidates.

How to write a CV?
A clear and concise CV is of utmost importance. Candidates are expected to include the following information in their CV: contact details, education and professional experience, and knowledge of foreign languages. We do not have any specific requirements concerning CV formats.